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Hi all, I stumbled upon this forum when I was searching for something and found out it very useful.
I have a problem here and badly needed advise and help regarding my weight. I am afraid of the diseases especially Heart Attack and Diabetes.

Currently my height 1.69metre and weighing around 140kilogram.
I am totally far from my ideal weight. I seriously needed help here.
I admit I do have problem disciplining myself from food.
Can someone please tell me what should I do? What type of exercise should I do?
I hope by joining this forum, I can get much information and help to lose my weight. Thank you, people!

You can be my Saviour! :-(


Hi im an 18 year old and before i got diagnosed i was on a great diet plan and know a few people who follow it and have found it to be very succssful indeed. The diet plan consists of eating as much foods as you want but the right foods and you are allowed up to 15 syns a day which you can eat what you want but you must make sure you use them correctly. Also no exercise is needed to lose weight but as many diet plans,it is recommended as you can lose weight much quicker.

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Leah xx


I highly recommend yoga. Also, drink green tea with a squeezed lemon first thing in the morning. It will help curb your appetite during the day.