So heres my story.
I had unprotected sex with a girl about 3 mts ago. Like the next day, or possible the day after, I had red pimple scattered on the shaft of my penis(not in clusters). I had also shaved this area a day or two before sex with the girl. So, I figured the folicals had just been infected. They all went away.
I have a girlfriend now and we have unprotected sex on a regular basis, shes on birthcontrol.
Once in a while, like every other week(not sure on exact timing) i have had a pimple or sore, never in the same area. I pop it and it goes away and never crusted over or anything.
Recently, after sex with condom with the random grl again:(, i had a more large( the size of a small marble) red looking mosquito bite on the shaft. I poped it and nothing really came out, except this one did scab over and then healed, after i picked the scab(i didnt want my girlfriend to feel a scab on my penis), and it went away leaving what appears to be a small red dot, possibly a scar.
My latest one happened after sex, like the next day (almost always these things have appeared the day after sex or masturbation) and it looked like a small pimple.
When i went to pop it a little blood formed around the the edge of the pimple, so naturally i tried to pop it more and this one bleed.(enough blood to lets says draw a small smiley face on a piece of paper)
Ive been tested for everything but this was before unportected sex with the random grl. I got tested again after, but the lady said it didnt sound like herpes and only tested colon irregularities to see if i had hepatitus- colon works fine( i had been wondering about hepatitus at the time)
1.) I was wondering if this sounds like herpes?
2.) If not, what might be wrong or is it possible i just get stuff like after sex
3.) ive heard that if you have genital herpes and you recieve oral sex, it s unlikely to transmit to the other person in the form of oral herpes, and likewise getting oral herpes from kissing her), is this true?

Any assumptions or comments or anything would be greatly aprreciated
Thank you very much,