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On November 14th I had oral sex with a stripper, but I had a condom on. A few days ago I noticed something that looked like a pimple on the shaft of my penis. I also have another smaller pimple in the pubic area. I also shaved my pubic area (including on the penis) a couple days before the 14th as well. I also developed a cough about a week after the 14th, but I am getting better now. Also, the cough might have been aggravated by smoking marijuana.

Do I have reason to worry?


Dear JG89, not to scare you, but wearing a condom does NOT protect you against Herpes HSV1 or HSV2. If you are still experiencing issues down there, you should just tell the doctor. So, next time you get a bump, go in and have it checked. Then they can also run a HSV panel Blood Test to see if you have an active herpes infection or even exposed to the virus. better to have peace of mind instead of guessing what it could be?