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OK, so im 17 female, and had sex, only with to men i would like to add! erm basically i have now been with my new boyfriend for 4 months today :D. and we have been having sex, its been good and safe!. But last week around sunday i started to feel a bit ill, now i have like spots that have almost blistered in my genitals part. and i have been to the doctors and the been to the nurses they are treating it as herpes but they still are not sure becuse the spots down below are identical to each toher in the same place. usally they dont come like that so i hear by the doctors. . i have had 6 blood test took. surprised i actually have any blood left in me!. but the point is if any one had these side affects that i think it could well be related to please messege me. it reallt has my , wee a night mare. i cant think straight. :!:

these are the little thisngs that have suddenly popped up on my body:
red spots (almost like heat rash spots) these have appeard on my upper thighs, elbow parts, on my hands and in my hair.
i have been feeling a bit sick and dizzy. i have fainted once, collapsed on the floor and gone in to dead weight. have no energy what so ever.

they are a few of the other symptoms that have popped up
like i said if someone has seen this sort oo thing before then please tell me or hepl me :)
i shall make a new msn account o if you can help i shall chat to you on there as would be so much easier!. :!:

thankyou for reading if you did
ps sorry for any spelling mistakes as i cant actually sit on my bum haha. and i have no energy much lol.


Im trying to figure the same thing out, i had rashes liek your explaning