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I am a male.

The encounter about which I am afraid involved the following (and was with a woman):

Genital-to-Genital Contact

Giving unprotected oral sex (no female condom used) for only a few seconds

Receiving protected oral sex (I was wearing a condom)

No intercourse at all, but she lay on top of me as we were both naked.


The alleged symptoms are as follows:

Got a spot around my anus that was burning/itching two weeks after the encounter. It went away after four days.

A month after that (today), some burning around the anus, no spot.


Went to see the doctor right after the spot near my anus was almost gone, he said that he was sure that it wasn't herpes. I'm still unsure because I've never had a spot like that before or anywhere in that area. I'm going to see him again tomorrow but I am anxious as of now and thought that I might ask the community here:

Do you think it's herpes? If not, what could it be? And is it an STD at all?


My thought on this, I don't think its herpes. Because you said there was no intercourse.. So in my opinion id think you'd feel the symptoms in your mouth not down there.. It could just be a rash or some type of infection.. Good Luck tho.