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I have 4-5 little red bumps on my right hand. One on my index on top, one on the side, one in between the thumb base and index finger base kinda, and two others i used freeze away on. Freeze away helped, they blistered, popped, and went away. There has only been one on my left hand so could it be warts? They are red, when irritated or rubbed, but normally look skin color. The way I know they are there is that you can feel them as they are raised. My hands have been kinda dry lately. Could this be the cause? I'm really scared because I don't know what it is. I have been really stressed and stuff lately about school. They do not itch, and are not very large; maybe only 5 (?) mm at most. So not big. At all. They just bug me because I notice them and ugh. Please help.




Interesting that you used freeze away of of your red bumps.  Warts are not generally red in color but rather skin color nor do they itch.  You could have an allergic rash of some kind.  Do you put any hand lotion on your hands or have you used a different soap/cleaner when you shower or wash your face.  Any number of products can create an allergic rash.  I doubt it is anything serious.  Try using a cream like ponds cold cream or noxema.  Both of these are mild and will moisturize your skin.  The noxema in particular may help with your itching sensation and at the same time keep your skin supple.  Other than that, you might try a cream that contains an antihistamin like benadryl and that should get rid of the itch and keep your fingers moist.  Gook luck to you.