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My sister always had massive and frequent breakouts of oral herpes, and this was as far as I can remember, she always had it. Obviously, she might've kissed me or I used her towel by accident, but I have NEVER had an outbreak. I've been going out with my boyfriend for over a year, and I've never seen him having an outbreak or telling me he has any type of herpes. I got slightly ill the other day (slight fever, aching body and runny nose) and yesterday evening I've noticed on the bottom left corner of my lip, there were few small, water filled bumps that looks like herpes! I'm really confused, from where I got it, I'm sure it's not my boyfriend, I really trust him (I have a reason why I trust him that much). Last year around this time I also got ill, but there was no outbreaks. I'm on the contraceptive implant and we were having unprotected sex for few months now. If he does for example, have oral herpes can he give me genital herpes, even if he has oral, but doesn't know about it? Can I self-infect my self with genital herpes? Like I touch the area when I'm putting special cream on and then go to the toile to do business, wipe, and get infected? Did I got it from my sister (I haven;t seen her for years) and got an outbreak now? Please serious answers only, it's really killing me and I have no way of asking him, because he went on a holiday yesterday, so please help me.



The only way to know for sure is to get tested for HPV and see if you are infected with HSV-1 or the virus type that causes oral herpes, or HSV -2 which causes genital herpes. But even though you didn’t have any symptoms of oral herpes before, most of us are infected (like 1 in 5 people) with it and never have an oral herpes breakout. As far as the transmission from mouth to genital area is concerned – it is possible by touch, so while you still have the cold sore it’s worthwhile paying extra attention to not touching the spot and washing your hands thoroughly, in cases when you have to touch it.

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