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Hi iam a 14 year old beautiful gurl and i weigh like 170 and that is not good @ all i want to loose about 60 to 65 pounds...But gosh its sooo hard because mii mom buys junk food all the time and iam hooked on carmelo's.Which is a chocalate but i havent had 1 in a month or soo but still i still keep eating more.I tend to eat when iam bord sooo i go do stuff when iam bord sooo its really hard...And when i go to school sumtimes i dont eat, but school lunches are very UNhealthy let me tell ya sooo i try not to eat at all but when i get home i eat and after i eat i hate mii self and i feel bad and stupid...I have a trend mill and one of those balls u can do exercise on but its not working at all and mii mom is taking these pills that dont make u hungry as much and it makes u loose weight but iam not allowed to take them which sucks...But iam going to keep tryin mii hardest if any one has a ? then just ask mii email is******

And thanks again :-(

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Wow...where do I begin..sorry this will be long so get comfy
Your mom doesn't sound like she has the healthiest lifestyle or relationship with food--unfortunately you sound like you are taking after her bad eating habits (But fortunately you don't have to because you're not her!)

Just be aware that what your mom is doing is not right (taking weight loss pills and buying junk food) and you DO HAVE A CHOICE--YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE LIKE HER! Hooray! :-D

Obviously your mom isn't the most educated person in the nutrition department and she sounds like someone who wants to eat junk all the time then take some pill that will somehow make her have a slim and fit body 8-| the way she is going she will probably be overweight her whole life.
I mean come on ..the only way to get a nice figure is to EARN it by making healthy food choices and working out. Btw working out does not mean you can eat whatever you want-- you have to also reduce your calories!!
You don't need to overeat then not eat then eat caramelos or whatever junk food you eat and then feel are doing this to yourself..nobody is making you eat those things but you! You can be thin and even fit if you want to.
That is something entirely in your control because only you can decide to eat fresh veggies and fruits instead of junk food and only you can decide whether or not to jog, run, or use an at home workout DVD instead of sitting watching T.V etc.

I suggest that you first get the right education and information about food and working out (In your spare time read and study as much information as possible about nutrition and excercise and HEALTHY eating habits and that will get you started on the right track) You can find this information through google or books at the school or public library. Getting proper information and education on food, calories, and how it all works for you or against you will help you make healthier choices naturally.
Once you are armed with information you will be ready to make the right choices that will help you lose weight...who knows maybe you will do so good your mom and everyone else will want to know what you did to get in such great shape! First learn what to eat and what not to eat then put what you know into action.

I can can give you a mini crash course here
Do you even know how many calories you are eating everyday?
1. Do not eat more than 1200-1400 calories a day! That is the most important thing to do..if you do nothing else please do not eat more than 1400 cals a day at the most!!!
You can count your calories using (it's free) 8)

2. Not all calories are created equal. Most of your 1200-1400calories a day should be coming from VEGGIES, FRUIT, and LOW-FAT foods in general (remember to read the calorie labels) Eat Protein such as tuna in water and chicken breast (cooked without the skin on the grill).
Do not eat anything with added sugar, butter, oils, margarine etc. Milk should be 1% fat or less and actually try not to drink too much of it as it is still high in calories. Obviously no junk foods EVER unless you don't mind having extra weight. And No white breads, rolls, buns, biscuits, crackers etc. Nothing processed..if it's processed it's in short stick with whole foods. Chicken, fish, veggies, fruit, yogurt etc and if you need salad dressing on a salad read the should not be more than 35-40 cals per 2 tablespoons. low fat calorie -reduced dressing is the only processed thing allowed really.

3. Really important now---you need to spread the 1200-1400 cals a day over the course of the day. That means no meal skipping and then eating like 1200 cals in one meal. ..spread those cals out into 4-6 MINI meals will speed up your metabolism.

4 No soda/pop EVER! That is pure sugar and sugar gets converted into fat!!

5. Excercise! 30-40 minutes 4 times a week and it does not give you licence to eat whatever you want. People who excercise and then eat whatever they want without concern for calories do not ever lose weight.

6. Lastly but not least..this is really important DRINK WATER and I mean lots of it! (not flavored, not tea, not diet soda/pop..JUST PURE WATER)
At least 8 8oz glasses a day and buy a water bottle you can carry with you everywhere.

(Oh and stay away from fad diets and diet pills etc..people who use these things are always fat and seem to never lose the weight when for YEARS and YEARS they are "dieting" ..yet people who go on a sensible 1200-1400 calorie a day diet and workout DO eventually get thin within a year or less...notice how that works?)

Best of luck! 8)