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i have been doing hiit( high intensity interval training) for a few months now. i am a fitness freak and am only concerned with bringing down my fat levels to around 5%.
i read about HIIT a long time back and i know that it targets the glycogen stored in the muscle. HIIT depletes it and the body to replenish the lost glycogen burns fat for almost a day after that. but as there are so many variations to it i am not able to understand which is the best.
my queries are as follows:-

1. for how long do i run in a single interval?

2. how do i know whether i am doing it at the right intensity?

3. what role does rest have to play in all of this? what is the right amount of rest? does it really matter how long we rest?

4.what are the things that have to be kept in mind to attack the glycogen and deplete it completely?

5. i know that lactic acid "the burning sensation" is a by product of anaerobic glycolisis. but does it really matter to reach a stage where you feel immense pain, to deplete the glycogen completely?

and please feel free to tell me everything i should be knowing about this, beacuse i am a perfectionist and only belive in doing things the right way.
i have looked up a lot of sites but have been unable to get the right answers to the above questions. you can go into the scientific details in answering them if they require such an explanation.
i would be grateful if you could reply soon.

waiting anxiously.
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You sounded like a young chap who is working towards becoming a professional bodybuilder. Nice job. In answer to all your questions in one short sentence - If you are young and healthy, no matter how you do it, you can never be too wrong. With interval training, you need to vary the routine from time to time to prevent your body from getting too accustomed to it. This is especially true if you reach a plateau when you feel that you are not making any more progress. Make all your decisions based on how you feel. Stop working out when you feel tired. Eat when you feel hungry. Stop eating when you are full. Take a day or two off during the week if you don't feel like working out on those days. Get as much sleep as you need. Take a nap during the day if your work schedule prevents you from getting adequate sleep at night. You will know when it is time to get yourself a physical trainer - someone who has been THERE.