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Do you find yourself out of breath or simply unable to go on during your workouts? It might be time to take steps to improve your stamina. Of course, you will find that your strength and endurance naturally build up over time as you continue exercising regularly. Is there anything particular you can do to build endurance more quickly, though?

Yes, there is!

Cardio Vs Strength Training

If you are going to do cardio and strength training on the same day, which one should you do first? Research suggests that those people who are specifically hoping to build endurance (like those training for a marathon for instance), are best off doing the cardio portion of their workout before moving on to strength training.

(On the other hand, if gaining strength is your primary goal, do strength training first.) Make very sure not to entirely skip the strength training portion of your workout even if you mainly want to build endurance, however. You need both strength and stamina.

Faster, More, Longer And Different

In order to build your stamina as fast as possible, try these things. Perform your reps really fast when you are doing your strength training. Reduce the resting time between repetitions. Do more repetitions. Work out for a longer amount of time.

Your muscles thrive on variety. Because of that, also crucially ensure that you do not engage in the same workout over and over again. Spice things up a little. If you have been jogging to train for a marathon, for instance, try swimming or horseback riding instead. Engage in interval training of various kinds (such as pyramid interval training) as well.

How To Increase Your VO2 Max

Your VO2 Max is the maximum level at which your body can effectively use oxygen while you're working out. If you can successfully increase your VO2 Max (which you can), you're going to have an awful lot more stamina.

High Intensity Interval Training is one approach to increasing your VO2 Max. You can also improve your stamina by engaging in lactate interval training. Though complex in nature, you could essentially start by running at the fastest pace you possibly can.

Foods To Avoid If You Want More Stamina

For maximum endurance, you need to take care of what you eat and drink as well! Here are some foods that can really mess with your performance.

First off, alcohol. Alcohol depresses your nervous system, and can give you a nasty hangover that really won't help your workout along any if you have too much. If you want to perform the best you can, stay away from the booze.

Dairy products take a long time to digest, and can lead to an upset tummy if you consume them before you work out. Don't prepare for your workout by eating a giant plate of processed carbs either. Your energy levels will shoot up, only to go right back down, just before you start your workout. By the time you get busy, you will just feel bloated and tired.

Instead, focus on protein and fresh vegetables.

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