Had both hips replaced (10/06 & 2/08) and in the last month noticed that I have shooting pains in the left groin and both hips, and lower back shooting pain that will not go away until I take Advil and some heavy duty drugs left over from the THR. And use a heating pad.

Also have psoriasis and wonder if it is all related; only found out about the psoriasis last week, and I am using a cream for this and it seems to be starting to help. But read about psoriartic arthritis and wonder if I have it?
Went to a new dermatologist for the 'spots' and he did not mention anything else.

I have the hip/groin pain when I am sitting for a while and when I get up or down.

What could be my problems? Any ideas will be great to hear, as it is getting very frustrating.