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Hi, im john 16 and i play football (soccer), so one day i went off to play football and because i arrived late i didnt exactly warm up properly BIG MISTAKE! i know... oh and i was quiet sick that day too ( so maybe i was weak aswell ) anyway so i receive the ball and run forward and i make an explosive moment (this is in 20 mins in the game about) i run and all of the sudden i feel this sort of strain pull or sort of creek sound from my hip and i start limping, cos it was this sudden sting horrific pain and coudnt do much but after a day i could walk etc, so the next day im back in training and we do running tests, and i can feel it aching so i probably made it worse anyway i decide to take 3 weeks off and yesterday i went played some footy at school which at this time i coudnt really feel too much of a hip pain and trained and then played again at night, at that point i could feel a slight not clicking feel but discomfort (hard to explain :S) so im really wondering wot do i really have ? i may not have explained it too well but any idea?

reason i didnt visit a doctor yet its cos where i live they are really really really expensive and the general hospital isnt a place to trust .
but if i have to i might visit one sometime this week

please advice and tips on what it is will be very much appreaciated!

also it hurs kinda infront of my hip(dno wither is inside or wotever) and there is swelling on the right side of my leg


It sounds like you pulled a muscle or two. Sudden jerky motion can cause muscle fibers to tear and to become inflamed. Scar tissue can form at the injury site to cause chronic pain later in life. This is prime time for physical rehab. Go to your school gym now and use the weight machines. Perform all the lower body exercises using the machines: knee extension and flexion, hip extension and flexion, hip hyperextension, abduction, adduction, etc. You will feel the pain while performing certain exercises. This will tell you exactly where your injuries are on specific muscles. Popping an aspirin or two will help reduce the inflammation.