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Hi my name is troy iam 16 years old, i hit puberty two years ago when i was 14 but i haven't noticed any muscular development or any changes to my facial appearance. The only thing that indicates that i have hit puberty is the hair on my genitals, iam also much shorter than the other kids my age, the only part of my body that is growing is my penis which is unusually large. I also find it hard to put on weight and also have very little body hair. Iam worried that i have a pubic problem considering i still look like a little boy. Do i have something medically wrong with me?


Hi Troy,

You are developing.

Not everyone develops at the same rate/time or in the same manner.  Not everyone gets "hairy."  Is your father "hairy?"  How about any brothers?  

You should be hitting your growth spurt and when that happens things will change, fast.  You can grow into your 20's.

Don't compare yourself to others.  

Hang in there.