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Hi, this is kinda embarrassing, but I am 17 and having problems i guess growing. I have been growing very slowly and only 5ft 6in when I should be close to 6ft right now. I have no mature hair growing on my chest (only peach fuzz) and my face is completely smooth. I have a little under my arms and little pubic. I have barley any leg hair, no arm hair, and also my voice is not that low. My penis is sadly about 2-2.5in hard. I am a senior in high school and it seems like everyone else is were they should be, and i feel like i'm 12. As a guy I want a relationship with a girl, but who would want someone that is 17 in a undeveloped body? Is this just an unlucky development or do i have a problem? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 



Hi James,

Everybody develops at different rates. Don't compare yourself to others. Not every 17 year old has a hairy chest, many don't. You do have signs of puberty, maybe you aren't as hairy as others, but that could be genetic.

Not everyone gets "big" early either. You may just be a late bloomer.

Still, I suggest you see your doctor for a full physical, including blood work. They can check hormone levels.

Hang in there. Things do have a way of working out eventually.