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Hi, I'm new here.  I was doing a google search tonight and found a post here so I created an account.  The reason I was searching was cause I have had a massive sinus issue like never before.  I could not even talk two days last week..  The only thing different I have added to my diet is honey, because she adds it to greek yogurt on a diet of sorts...  I had recently exclaimed how freaking good the honey we had was last week or so and did not put 2 and 2 together.  I SEARCHED "Walmart honey is making me sick" or something like that and came up pretty quick with the issue of Chinese honey thats apparently been going on ten years or so now.  The chinese honey appears to be contaminated with antibiotics, heavy metals, and other.  Apparently when they tried to stop them, the Chinese just started super filtering the honey removing all polen.  Once the polen is removed - its untracable.  It gave an example of FDA finding Chinese honey making it to Houston and winding up in Honey packs to Ritz Carlton and a bazillion loafes of bread before realized.


So tonight I decided to have one of her honey/yogurt treats and blasted the honey in there good.  I would up running profusely at the nose again immediately.  The worst part is I cant tell if its pesticide, or Artificial sweetener, BUT MY THROAT IS ON FIRE AND NUMB...!  three hours now.  I think I am going to have it analyzed.  It could alse be mold or penecilin which I am allergic to.  I pray no heavy metals.  Its a sick world we live in for sure....  And people wonder why they are sick... LOL  Didn't take rocket science for me to put this one together, cause I never eat honey xcept with her treat and rarely on that.  I am also a glutted, so once I decided I liked it last week - I blasted myself tonight revealing..  But its the same old stuff I read around here about thick clear mucus so bad you almost cant breath at times....  its amazing I have not got it infected yet.  I was couching up scabs the other day my throat is so sore...  but Just google chinese honey or something.  You will find ALL honey in sams/wallmarts is probably chinese, 77% in grocery stores, and the only real honey you can get is at your farmers market most likely...  And to think people are treating sore throats with the problem..  LOL  Sick world...


Best advice :  Don't shop for food at Walmart.  Their food is not the best quality.  I also have a problem with a thick mucus this year.

What helped me :  Naturade Herbal Expec.  from Whole foods.  Stop diary products ( especially yogurt), chocolate, all sweets in general.  Check for gerd ( is acid reflax condition), don't eat late and go to sleep with a full stomach.  When you have a lot of mucus gargle with distilled water 1/2 glass and 1 tbls viniger and some salt.  Check for cat allergies, if apply to you.  Dust and vacum often.  Pollen could be an issue also.  I know that eating rasberries helped me a lot clearing the mucus.  I am on the same boat.  Good Luck.