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Hi, I have been sick with flu for a week and am now over with it just some cough but no fever or anything. But now since 5 days ago my stomach turns and groans then i cough unexpectedly and this discharge comes out and i cant control it very embarrising. Also feel very bloaded and the urge to use restroom is every hour. Please help!!


It sounds like you have an invasive bacterium in your gut that is wreaking havoc and causing your embarrassing symptoms.  You should go out and buy some probiotics.  You can get these as supplements in your department, like Walmart, where they keep the vitamins.  You can also eat yogurt to help replenish your intestinal flora to help put things in balance again.  It should take a few days to a week or so for everything to go back to normal.  If you are taking the medication, Alli, for weight loss, this med will cause greasy orange discharge so if you are by chance taking it, you will need to stop taking it to stop the orange discharge.