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Hello, I am pregnant and I am really worried about my baby and stuff.  I have found out I have insulin resistance at 21 weeks into my pregnancy and I am sick about it.  I have to watch my diet and start to exercise, which is fine, I guess. I am worried that if that doesn't work, I have to go on insulin or something.  I am really scared about it, I knew a girl in high school who took insulin  and she would pass out in gym class at times and it was so scary when she did that.  I don't want to end up passing out somewhere, like alone at home or somewhere where there is a bunch of people I don't know all around.  How do I avoid having to go on insulin shots?  I also don't want to take shots because I am afraid of needles.  How do I get out of taking them?  Can insulin be taken by mouth?  I know I have a lot of questions, but I am so scared.  Can anyone help me with this?  Is there anybody who has had gestational diabetes and can offer some advice? 


Hello, Guest.  It is o.k. that you are scared about your insulin resistance and being pregnant, too.  You may be one of the women that do not need to go on insulin, and even if you do, it won't be like your friend in high school.  You would have an insulin pump that would administer the right dosage of insulin that you would need.  You cannot take insulin by mouth since it would be destroyed by the digestive process.  I know you would want to do what is best for the baby.  If you are diligent with following your diet that is prescribed to you and moderately exercise, you may stave off the need for insulin therapy. 

Are there any women who have had gestational diabetes who would like to share their stories?