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Hi im 18 and today i didnt even know that my foreskin was suppose to retract. But when i tried today I found that, even while flacid, I couldnt get it past the head. I didnt know if anyone had any tips. Or do I have to get a circumcision. I know there are already alot of threads relating to this topic but I would like some help.


You don't HAVE to do anything.

IF you want to retract your foreskin, you can try a number of options.
They include:
Stretching the foreskin over time, a little at time to loosen it...
Circumcizion to remove the foreskin and all the nerves associated with it.
A dorsal slit, which will give some room to manipulate the foreskin. It's permanent.
or nothing at all.

Just make sure to clean under the foreskin to avoid complications and keep cleanliness.

Try talking with your doctor about all of these options.