Both men and women are being abused at home and this has a large influence on their work performance, not to mention the number of working hours being lost. Only last year, women who suffered from domestic violence lost an average of 249 work hours to distraction while male victims lost 244hours. When you add all the victims, it makes $1.8 billion in lost productivity a year with nearly 8 million paid workdays lost.
This is why many of the firms have anti-violence programs to deal with such problems and help their employees. The help ranges from changing their telephone numbers to helping them relocate. Most people, who have problems with domestic violence, have problems reaching workplaces because of stalking.
Problems that these people experience at work are mostly problems concentrating, working slowly, having to do work over or doing no work at all. This is where the company comes in to help keep their minds on the work.
What about those people who don’t work in such companies I wonder?