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Hello everyone,

Since I lost my job, I am in big, big depression. I was eating so much, I didn’t count my meals, but I believe that I was eating more than six meals per day. So, I don’t have to say to you that I got fat, but I gained almost 30 kilograms in two months. When I saw myself in the mirror, I was so sad. My friend Gina told me about Medifast, and I was so depressed that I went out and buy Medifast.

Now, I will use this and I am not so sure what to expect, because I was always skeptical when it comes to diet pills.

How fast can you lose weight with Medifast?

Thank you! 



Good day all,

The first time I was on Medifast was three years ago, after I gave birth to my beautiful son. I was on plan for four months, and I was losing above two kilograms per week. Even in the beginning, when I started to use this product. Of course, it was hard at the beginning, but later it was pretty good.

If you ask me, if you want to listen my experience, I will say that you can lose your pounds pretty fast :) I guess that just need to let show to go on, but you have to know that it may be different each time for every other person.

Have a nice day! 



Hey there,

This was the best diet supplement I have ever tried a four years ago. I was using it just because my ex boyfriend sister was using it. And, I can remember that she was really, really handsome and pretty. Well, I was using Medifast  for more than two years, and I am really satisfied with the results. Until the past few months, when I started to gain my weight back, and I didn’t like it. Medifast didn’t helped me at all.

Then I stopped using it :)

But, it is OK, really, I can’t complain. Maybe my organism was immune after a long time :)

Good luck!