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Hey there,

I have noticed that there are a lot of comments and topics about aspen clinic. So, I was wondering, did aspen clinic helped you lose your weight?

I know that this is a really expensive thing, but I have heard that is really helpful as well. All you need to do is go there, and to have money, of course :) LOL

Do you have some positive experience about it? If you do, what can you tell me about it?

How actually aspen clinic helped you or someone you know lose weight?

Information, please. I hope that you will share with me.

Thank you!



this clinic exist more than 25 years, I think. Since then, they work very successful and they are famous it this diet world. 

I was there a few years ago, when I lived in Louisiana with my friend, and I was in this clinic every month. They made a diet program for me, gave me some diet pills, and I must say that I was really happy with it.

Actually, in three years while I was in Louisiana, I have lost more than 45 kilograms. They are so kind and nice, you just need to go back there.

I have really good experience with it.

Anyone else?

Good luck! 



Hi darling,

it is amazing to hear something so positive about it. Unfortunately, Louisiana is so far away from me, and I don't have time or money to go there at this moment. Maybe some day, but not today. One of my friends were there and she goes there every year - once or twice. She looks great, she has some new lifestyle tips and she is healthy.

She goes there with her husband, and he also follows their diet program.

So, I believe that it is successful, but I just can't go there right now.

Maybe one day.

Have a nice day.