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So what is better for a diabetes diets... low glycemix index or low carb diets?  I am wanting to try one of them.  I think that low glycemix index has more food choices than low carb so what do you think?  Can I do the low glycemix one? 


Hello, Guest!  You should stay with the low glycemic index if you are going to choose between the two diets.  The low carb diet will not meet your carbohydrate needs and could be dangerous for you to partake in. The low glycemic index just guides you to what foods are less likely to cause a rise in your blood sugar after consuming them.  First, you need to know how many carbohydrates you can have at a meal.  You then check on the list of low glycemic foods to plan your meal.  For instance, if you have 15 grams of carbohydrate you want to eat, look on your list and pick out any of the items you wish to incorporate into your meal.  These foods are good because of they will not affect your blood sugar as much as a high glycemic food like cookies.  With the low carb diet, it will cause your body to go into ketosis, where there is not enough carbohydrates for energy, so the body starts to burn ketones, including the brain.  The brain will begin to burn ketones after 2 days to be able to use fat stores and to reserve glucose on for emergency needs.  It will try to avoid burning muscle for energy.  Eventually, acidosis in the body occurs that can affect breathing and other essential body functions. 

As you can see, it is far safer to use the low glycemic index with your diabetic diet.  Are there diabetics that have used the low carb diet and would like to share their experience?  What type of problems arise from the low carb diet?