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It can be exhausting to work up to ten or twelve hours per day and feel as if you have no energy to exercise. Therefore it is important to incorporate exercise into your work to avoid excessive weight gain or potential sedentary health consequences.

No Time With Your 9-5 To Get Fit?

Staying healthy with a demanding schedule of work, kids, yard work, community service, kids again, more work, etc. can seem like the least important thing on your plate. But its what is typically not on a plate (but in a bag) that adds to your unhealthiness. It is seen all across the world, people not spending enough time exercising and all of their time running around, leaving time to scarf down fast food and sulk. It is however possible with a very demanding schedule to still get in enough exercise to feel great, look good and reinstate confidence while you get the job done.

Its Called DIET + Exercise

First, diet will play a large factor in this regimen, so it is important to dedicate yourself to one that is comfortable for you and is proven to work. Overall caloric deficit is a must, even when cutting down on carbohydrates. If you can cut down five hundred calories per day you will be on track to cut a pound per week or more. As stated, carbs can be a big hindrance in health, but are essential as an energy source. It is not required to completely cut them out but most diets find us eating meals stocked with upwards of seventy-five percent carbohydrates and fat alone. If you can reduce this amount to thirty-five or forty, you’ll be in great shape (or at least on your way). Once you have cut down on food and prevented yourself from indulging your cravings, its time to get started with a few fun challenges throughout your day.

First, start off each morning with a small workout regimen. Begin by performing fifty squats on air. You may place a chair beneath you to give you some support incase you are still exhausted and may fall. Next do fifty crunches. Style is not important just make sure you are achieving solid muscular contractions. Next perform what I call “ski-squats,” where you assume the squat position, and lean deeply into each leg as if you are negotiating your way down a ski slope. Left, right, left, right continuously as you should begin to feel a burn in your quadriceps and hamstrings. Attempt fifty to each side. If you have time go through another set, if not its time to move toward the upper body. For upper body you will only need to complete sets of pushups until exhaustion for as much time as you have, but preferably no more than three sets. Be sure to keep good form and posture, and if you achieve a total of thirty you are well on your way as well.

At work it will be important to modify slightly how you go about conducting yourself. If you have a desk job, try standing and doing your computer work. Much technology has now been created to allow us to adjust from a sedentary workday so options should be provided by employers if not already. Standing requires your muscles to keep your body upright and will demand more energy in the process than sitting. Commit to sending some of your messages by hand instead of by email, if possible. A quick jaunt across the room only gives you more time on your feet instead of staying in one place. When lunchtime comes around, and the team is going out together, be sure to stay disciplined. Try to order grilled food or vegetable-based meals while out and suggest walking to the venue instead of driving if that is possible and safe. Next, with any leftover time you may have on your lunch-break spend it ascending a staircase you may have at work or by walking around the parking lot to get in a little “extra-cise.” In fact, cut out all elevator and escalator trips, every movement should be reliant on your feet!

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