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I have doing Atkins for about one month now.  I thought that this program would be fantastic to do for my diabetes.  It limits carbs to 20 carbohydrate grams a day. This should be a good way to control my blood sugars but I am still having trouble with them getting really high and it doesn't make sense at all.  I have been very strict with myself and it isn't fair that the blood sugars are not coming down.  What is it that I need to do?  I don't know if cutting down to almost no carbs will help but I don't think I am go down that far anyway.  It is hard enough to cut carbs down to 20 grams.  It would be really hard to go all the way down to 5 or less.  Has anyone else done the low carb diet and have trouble with getting your blood sugars to go down?  What did you do about it?  How long did it take before they finally go down to acceptable levels?  I would take any advice from anyone on this topic.  Thanks!


Contrary to what everyone believes, well most everyone, lowering carbs to a level of virtually nothing will not lower your blood sugar.  If you try to lower your carbs lower than what your doctor or dietician recommends, you will risk going into diabetic ketoacidosis.  Also, your blood glucose levels will remain high because your liver will spill glucose into your blood system to make up for your lack of carbohydrates.  It is a compensatory system to keep your cells fed and it ends up putting too much glucose out and causes high blood sugars.  You need to start eating the recommended amount of that you are giving your body that nutrients and energy it needs.  You should find that your blood sugars will go down when you are eating right.