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After I’ve been attempting to lose my extra weight with help of diet pills and not really changing my eating habits all that drastically, I talked with my new nutrition about starting the Dukan diet. I know it will mean I’ll have to change my eating habits drastically, but since it seems to be less exclusive about the food you can eat than Atkins diet, i opted for Dukan.

What my nutritionist told me is that I’ll probably lose weight fast at the start of the diet and then the rate of weight loss will slow down, but how long approximately will it take for me to lose 30 lbs?



it's hard for anyone to give you the exact time you'll need to lose 30 lbs on the Dukan diet, simply because we all have slightly different rate of metabolism and the speed we burn stored fat. It can even depend on your genetics.

But generally, what your nutritionist told you is true - in the first phase of the Dukan diet you lose weight very fast since you completely eliminate carbohydrates from your meals, and carbs generally are most common thing we all eat. You'll have a much better feeling on your progress in the second phase, when you start eating some carbs again because then you'll be able to notice if you're continuing to lose weight or not.