My husband and I have been TTC for 6 months now. Every month I think is going to be the one but So far all we have gotten is BFN. This month is different though. Last week I felts hungry all the time but when i would eat it didn't taste good, and it made me sick. I still have a little bit of nausea but not much. I get lower back pains every once in awhile. I have been having some wierd cravings, i have been more tired then normal. my nose has been stuffy, i get some pressure down in my lower abdominal area once in awhile. My breast are even tender. and lastly i have been really constipated and i am normally regular. I have been doing some research on how the cervix should feel and also your BBT when you are pregnant. Well for the last week my cervix has been soft, closed and about medium high. There has been very little mucus down there as well and when there is it is mostly clear and sometimes a little bit clumpy and white. but very little. Also I have been taking my temperature every morning for the last week and it has been at a steady 98.3. What should your BBT be at when you are pregnant? What is normal and what is not normal for temperatures?