GINGER ROOT yes I said ginger root. Use a cheese grater using the small grate part of the grater and buy whole GINGER ROOT and grate up about a tablespoon and a half and add it to anything your eating. oatmeal,cereal,glass of chocolate milk ect. I promise it does help. I have severe neck injuries,c4-5,c5-6,c6-7 and 7 being the worse. Only have about 20-25% of my spinal cord remaining. Fighting insurance company now for over 4,5 years to get medical help but so far I have suffered the past 4.5 years. I use to abuse Advil and it was the only thing that would kill the pain but it was damaging my kidneys so I googled natural pain reliever and GINGER ROOT came up so I tried it and loooo and behold it worked. I have never got any of my pain meds prescriptions filled ,well I did one Hydrocodone and I took one and threw up so I flushed them. I am a firm believer in GINGER ROOT.
I hope you will at least give GINGER ROOT a try. It can't hurt!!!!