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I am sure that this has been addresses many times but i did a search and was unable to find a thread that helped.

Here's whats going on:
I used to run cross country in high school many years ago and had a rather bad coach (football coach posing as a running coach) so he never taught us about stretching or anything, just told us to run. So now that i am older i am having knee problems (have been for many years). Recently i have starting running again and am getting terrible pain on the inside of my knee. It usually starts to subside by the end of the day but flames up again during the run and especially about an hour after the run. To the point that i limp for the rest of the day. I was wondering if there was a brace that you guys would recommend or a certain stretch that might help.


A few things to ask.. what kind of shoes are you running in? how many miles are you running? what kind of surfaces are you running on? how long since you started running again? weight an issue? are you into any other sports? are you icing the knee at all? And have you gotten to a doc to xray it and rule out any internal tears that might need scoping?