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I've just started running on the road and I've run into some difficulties. I'm just wondering if it is normal or what.

I started two weeks ago and ran about 26 minutes for a 5k. I was going a fair clip and had a good stride but lacked wind and had to stop numerous times.

Then the second run I ran the whole way and put in a 25 minutes for 5k. I got stronger as I went on and had good wind. My feeling was the only thing holding me back was my legs being adapted and used to running.

But I was really happy to be making progress.

But then the next run (and these are all one to two rest days apart), I was going great with what felt like a lower stride but higher turnover or speed and was up in time again by the half way mark and expecting to put in a lower time. But I fell apart in the last 2k, which I wasn't expecting. I had to stop and walk several times and only got home with 27 min for the 5k.

My calfs were sore and eventually I couldn't run as much at all.

That was yesterday, so being a bit annoyed and feeling fine and up for another bash I went at it again today.

I could only run 3k because my lower legs, calfs mainly are just too sore.

So my question is, is this to be expected? And how long does it last, the soreness in the lower legs holdng you back.

I feel like I'm getting fitter but just that my legs haven't adapted yet.

I've started playing football as well, so doing long cardio on my feet now 3-4 times a week.

Last year I used to play football 1-2 times a week with matches and training hard and was always fully recovered in all ways by match time. But obviously I didn't get super fit. I want to do that this year.

Anyway, just want to know if this is normal and how much longer it will go on for before I can really get going.



Thanks for the help. :D

I took 3 days off, much of the soreness was gone on my 5k run today and I logged a 23 min 30 seconds. Delighted with that improvement.

I was still running in pain though. Is it supposed to be that hard? Is it supposed to be that hard in the beginning? Or is it that hard always?

Feedback would be really helpful, thanks.


Getting back into running is hard. You should always listen to your body. If it is painful to run 5k then don't run 5k. There is a difference between pain and soreness. If it is pain you should stop and reevaluate what is going on. If it is soreness it should go away. Stretching and foam rolling will help with the soreness. Also maybe you should run easy 3-4k during the week then run your 5k on the weekends until your body isn't as sore anymore.


It's probably just a lot of soreness. Walking is fine and I only feel it if I stick my finger into my lower leg muscles in tendor areas and while running distance.

It doesn't feel like injury, it just feels very tendor.

While running yesterday my calves were fine, it was my shins that were still tendor.

But I could run through it. The good thing was I felt my lungs being pushed as much as my lower legs, so they weren't much of a performance hinderance yesterday.

As you say I probably started back too vigorously without building up.

But you don't get much choice in football so that is what I did with extra running as well.

I'm stretching and trying to strengthen the lower legs as well. It all helps, hopefully this will iron itself out.


Good luck. It seems like you are getting things figured out. You're right you can't really tell your coach that you are a little sore. It wouldn't go over to well.


No, I'd be asked if I wanted to wear a pink tutu. :D