Hey! ill make this short please excuse my grammer and spelling. Ive been on suboxone for about a year and a half about 1mg - 2mg a day im. Not prescribed, the reason I say that is because im going to make the jump from that dose. I know it is a pretty high dose to jump from but $20 a pill and I am so broke. I know about clonidine benzos ect but I have no medical insurance and money as stated. My question is, if I take like say 5mgs of oxycodone maybe at night from lets say day 4 till day 10?...will that help me at all ease the w/d of the suboxone or is that going to pro long it? because I kno by doing that your receptors have no time to recover but for some reason for me and my situation I feel like it would really help. Please, please, please don't say you don't recommend it because I might go into the habbit of taking pills because I know I wont I don't want too im just done with it all and want to be normal. I never liked pills anyway my d.o.c.was heroin. Can you please tell me if not from a medical standpoint but maybe from a mental standpoint bc withdrawal is mostly mental will it help to that at all? thank you!!