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aye my names chris i really need some help man i smoke ALOT likemin the morning i skip lunch and/or school to smoke i smoke when i get home and before i go to sleep and i get random drug screenings from my PO and i get a 3 days notice but im worried i wont have time to drink water and run 2 miles and all that sh*t if my parents make me go as sson as he tells me so could i carryba little bag of bleach in my wallet and just put a little bit in my piss or does that not even work? please help me out i wanna smoke!


I used to smoke a ton of weed from 13 to 22. I'd skip class to smoke etc. I got arrested twice for weed, once when I was 15 and again when I was 19.

All said and done I completely regret wasting all that time and money. Just stop smoking. I understand how nice it is, but if you continue, it will eventually consume your life and prevent you from reaching your full potential.

I recently had to quit again so that I can pass a drug test for a job.

There is nothing wrong with smoking weed occasionally. Like a couple times a month. But if you let it become an every day/multiple time a day habit, its going to form into a vicious addiction that will be tough to break. You're obviously already entering that stage, and you really better smarten up.

It sounds like you're still a juvenile, and I also know what thats like, thinking you know everything. But I'll tell you what, there are plenty of people older than you that have a much better perspective on life than an inexperienced teenager. 

You want to know how to pass a drug test?

Stop smoking!

Dont be an addict. Its not fun.