Hello, I realize smoking Marijuana is illegal and I dont need anyone to tell me how bad it is. It is a personal choice that I use it.  That is not why I am here so you can be negative all you want, all I need is some advice about a drug test.I have currently quit smoking, I am 22 I have been smoking weed since I was 16, recently I was only smoking about a gram a day sometimes less. By tomorrow when I take the test it will be 28 days since I have smoked.. I am permanently quitting and I didnt expect to get a job offer this early but I am really hoping to get this job. Let me tell you a little about me, as I know it is not just how many days you dont smoke that play into passing the test. It is a simple urine test but I am not sure if its going to the lab or not. I am a female and I have a skinny build, I weigh 135lbs and I am about 5'7". About 10 months ago I was working out 5 times a week for an hour or so a day. I have slowed down quite a bit for personal reasons. I have been drinking water constantly and a couple red bulls just because I hear niacin helps. Even if it doesnt its worth a shot. I am going to make sure I pee 2-3 times before the test tomorrow its at 2pm so I have plenty of time to flush my system with water. I also will make sure I catch the pee in mid stream as I have read helps. Also I took an at home drug test yesterday which would make me 26 days clean its one of the tests where your looking for 2 lines for it to be NEGATIVE and the line was VERY VERY faint. It was there but I am not sure if that would be good enough for the job place. I should tell you that I wasnt drinking very much water that day like I would be tomorrow before the test and it was probably my 5th pee of the day. With all this information (sorry If I rambled) do you think I could pass the test tomorrow? I am going to go buy one more at home test tonight to see if I have a better reading but I would just like some advice on anything I can do before tomorrow or if anyone has passed after 28 days. Thank you for your input.