Okay so I had my period on October 4th-9th 2012, it was normal and everything. Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex on october 27/28th 2012. Then I was supposed to have my next period November 10th 2012, it was 2 weeks late and when I did get it I got brown spotting for 2 days, then black "blood" with only a hint of red for a day and then it just completely stopped, it was very light (the only reason I had to change my pad/tampon was for hygiene purposes). I took 2 tests within the 2 weeks it was late and both came back negitive so I figured I wasn't (even if my period was really weird and I was having symptoms). But my symptoms didn't go away, My boobs are sore, have grown, my nips are darker and bigger, blue veins on my chest goin into my boobs, arms and legs, up my sides and pelvis, I'm super nasaous, dizzy, im bloated and really tired but can't sleep, my size 7 jeans that havnt fit me for almost a year are now shug and I haven't gotten my period yet this month (should have gotten it at the beginning of the month). I took 2 tests at the begining of the week, one with first morning pee and it came back with a very, very faint kinda pink line, it was hard to see but it was there. The other one I took later in the night and was clearly negitive. And the one I took earlier line kinda disappeared after a couple hours (I could still kind of see it but it was way fainter and didn't look as pink) I'm so confused.. I calculated a should be almost 10 weeks, I have a doctors appointment for January 14th and when I called my doctor the women who answers phones said I'm not because of my negitive tests before, and HPT are pretty accurate but i just feel pregnant..