Hi!  I am completely stumped! A little background, earlier this year, my husband got sick.  He had extreme fatigue, and pain in the back of his neck that was accompanied by the feeling of having a lump in his throat. Also, he had joint pains, knees, elbows, fingers and toes. 

Initially, he went to doctor and took a number of anitbiotics for a suspected sinus infection.  Didn't help.  Slowly the fatigue a let up and the neck pain and lump feeling come and go, usually together. About a month ago he developed a rash that started around on old tick bite that had never gone away.  His doctor finally decided it was Lyme disease. Put him on anitbiotics but did no tests. Helped with the rash but not much else. 

My husband has learned to live with it, but just a week ago, my 6 year old son started complaining that he doesn't feel good.  He has pain in the back of his neck and feels like he has something in his throat.  He also says that his knees and elbows hurt, occasionally fingers and toes.  I suspected he had Lyme somehow even though we don't remember a tick and took him to the doctor, explained the whole situation.  The doctor ran a tick titer which came back negative!  Now what?  Does anyone have any ideas?  I've considered all sorts of ailments but none that are likely to affect them both like this.  PLEASE HELP!!

Thank you for anything you can contribute!