I have pain in left side of neck muscles extending to shoulder blade and also a painfull lump behind the pharynx while swallowing. This has started since the last 7 days. No antibiotic and analgesic is helping to reduce the pain that is continuous. The pain in the neck muscles resembles the pain of a whiplash injury although I have suffered none. Orthopaedist diagnosed muscular spasm and gave me analgesic. As the pain didn't reduce and the painful lump in throat became more pronounced, I went to an ENT doctor. ENT diagnosed mild pharyngitis and gave me ciprofloxacin. But these had no effect. Finally, I have seen a GP doctor and he changed the antibiotic and prescribed a muscle relaxant. I recall that 1 1/2 years back, a routine check had revealed my TSH level as 7. Three months back, the same was found to be 9. In both the cases, T4 was normal. Now, the GP has prescribed another TSH & T4 test. Is it possible that there could be some enlargement of the thyroid that is the root cause of the pain? Kindly advise if the treatment seems to be proceeding in the right direction and what other tests need to be done.