I started having random upper right quadrant abdominal pain that comes and goes about a year and a half ago.  Sometimes nausea as well.  At first it just seemed to occur after having 1-2 beers (I only drank occasionally), but lately happens randomly now.  In early December my ALT liver enzyme suddenly jumped to 122, after always being in the normal range.  I have no idea why, and neither does my doctor.  6 weeks later it is down to 63, almost back to normal range.  I had an ultrasound done, which was normal other than a benign 5mm polyp on my gallbladder.  One night a few weeks ago, I had pretty significant pain under my right rib cage for several hours.  Since then, I randomly get the pain and nausea come and go.  I had a HIDA scan last week, which showed an EF of 88%.  I guess there is a lot of controversy over an "overactive" gallbladder.  My GI doc and surgeon both said this is normal, and not the cause of my issues.  However, doing a lot of internet research, it seems like there has been recent studies showing overactive gallbladder is just as bad as under active, and a lot of people have had relief after gallbladder removal.  It seems like this is not fully accepted by the medical community as of now.  This pain sometimes spreads to the low/mid back on the right side, and that plus the nausea is now affecting my life negatively.  Excercise increases the nausea as well. Anyone have any thoughts on this, or know of a doctor in the San Diego/Orange County area that is familiar with this?  Thanks