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Has anyone with all the symptoms of gallbladder disease and a high ejection fraction on the HIDA scan (80% in 30 min, in my case), successfully found a surgeon who would remove your gallbladder? I'm miserably sick and my gastroenterologist, looking at my HIDA scan results, stated flat-out that there's no such thing as an ejection fraction that's too high - I'm a professional researcher and I know that this is simply wrong, with medical studies, however limited, to back that up. I need a surgeon and/or gastroenterologist in the NYC area (anywhere in the tristate area considered!) who recognizes that there is such a thing as hyperkinetic/hyperactive gallbladder and will help me. Can anyone offer specific suggestions? Thank you so much in advance!!!


Hi there.  Unfortunately, mine was not removed on the basis of being hyperkinetic.  So many tests came back negative, and a HIDA scan showed 87% EF.  A surgeon I went to said that didn't matter, and the higher the better.  But he saw what looked like wall inflammation on his ultrasound.  So I had it removed.  Final pathology note? Chronic cholecystitis.  Yet all the tests up until then said I was fine.