I have been having upper right abdomen pain for the last month. It is sharp stabbing. If I eat the pain is worse and in like an hour I wind up throwing up. All tests have been normal: CT, Xray and now an Ultrasound.  They also did an endoscopy which showed some gastritis, and the colonoscopy was clear. I have lost about 30lbs in this month and am not really eating anything. The hida scan was the most painful thing in the world as the second part I was in tears. The EF percent was 48%. I was told it could still be my gallbladder and we are looking into removing it. My alt and ast levels are really spiked too. I am meeting with a surgeon for pre op consultation but I am worried as all tests are normal but the pain is so bad. I also have been running some fevers on and off. I am pale and a little jaundice.