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I got a blood test done for mono, which was negative however some of my cells were turning mono, but then she did a whole test of other things, and my T4 was 17.1 and my TSH was a little high as well, she suspected hypothryodism and told me to get it checked, well I am getting it checked monday

however I have started developing chronic fatigue where all I wanna do is sleep, my eyes are weak, my body is weak, I have bad muscle pain, my lymph nodes are swollen and giving me headaches and neck pain, I have felt so miserable, and just a few minutes ago I found a hard lump near my thyroid gland and a smaller one that was a little bit smaller a little lower, should I be really concerned about thyroid cancer or some other kind of cancer?


Your symptoms could fall under the category of either mono or thyroid issues. Regardless of which one it is, both of these conditions are serious and should not go untreated. You've got to get some answers right away. The thyroid gland controls a lot of your body functions. Mono, of course, is very serious and needs to be treated. It is also contagious. Please see a doctor for a firm diagnosis and treatment. Take care of yourself. Please let us know what you may have already found out. It will be helpful to us. Please let us know how you are doing.