Hi, I am diagnosed with spondylolysis L5 abt 9 years ago. It should have been cured however the pain is so pesistence. Recently, I had done carried some heavy load and while putting the load on the floor, I felt a very sharp pain on the right lower spine and now I can even feel the numbness to my upper spine. Just only a few days ago, there's a sharp pain to my ankle without me doing anything. My movement is perfect, I can bent and turn without pain. The pain to the ankle happened only once and now it went back to normal but whenever I am in air conditioned room, I realised that my right leg tend to becomes cold faster then my left leg. I do not experienced any weakness to my leg though. It just the pain on my lower right spine that is making me so irritated and moreoever, everytime I stand up from a sitting position, I can feel that my spine is compress and can even hear a crack sound, this induced more pain to my spine.

Not only that, for the past years, I also experienced a burning sensation on the center of the scrotum. It felt like a pulling sensation on the vein of the scrotum. Again, this does not happened frequently, I only feel this on a full bladder. There's no discharge, no smell, no swelling and no blood on my urine. The pain just goes off immediately after emptying my bladder. Frequency to the toilet remains the same. There's no pain to the tip of my penis either. I can say that the pain happened only once in 1 - 2 months.

Pls advise on the aboved issue.