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I started having the typical symptoms of a bladder infection on Friday. On Saturday afternoon I went to the doctor, and he said that the urine sample had no bacteria in it, but that when the infection is just in the bladder they can't rely on an urine sample. He prescribed me cypro and I have taken 3 of them and feel no better, probably a little worse from yesterday afternoon. I wasn't running fever but now my skin on my abdomen and back feels really hot. I haven't taken my temperature but I feel like I'm having a fever and I kind of get cold easily. Where should I go from here? Is it just taking the antibiotic a while to run it's course or could it have now reached my kidneys?

Help soon will be appreciated I feel pretty bad :'(



Keep taking the antibiotics honey! IT can take upto 3 - 5 days of CONSTANT taking them to notice a difference, you will NOT see a difference this quickly. So take them till there done! When you start feeling better, don't think you can stop them now! Because I guarantee you, it WILl come back! In the mean time, drink as much clear fluid as possible! NO SUGARS - including fruit juice! Just get those kidneys flushed out OK? Take Ibuprofen for pain! Use heat pads and then cold pads on your back - where you kidneys are! Also start taking either Probiotic cultures in yogurt, or Acidopholus in pill form, as Antibiotics can lead to yeast infections!!!! So this way you will be ahead of the game! Plus the good bacteria will help your anitbiotics kill of the bugs!!!

Good luck and health! IF this still persists by Wednesday go back to your doctor, you might need stronger than Cipro!