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I have this ear problem so in my left ear it feels like it's clogged and I hear my heartbeat when I get up it gets faster and it feels like its water. you know when you have water in your ear and when you talk it sounds like multiple voices are talking? Well I also have that too. I have really bad pain in my left ear jaw also hurts and the left side of my head hurts. I have went to the ent and they said it was I outer ear infection and a middle ear infection.(I had the middle ear infection before the outer one.) when I went there they sucked out this yellow and green puss and then vacuumed the rest out. I looked up symptoms of the outer ear infection and it said nothing about hearing your heartbeat pounding. That's why want to post this and see if anyone else has this and if so can give me tips on how to get this away from me!!!



if you're still having problems with distorted hearing and hearing your heartbeat, thet generally means that your ear is clogged. Outer ear infection would probably make it harder for you to maintain your inner ear completely clean, and depending on how long ago you had the ear cleaning procedure done, you still might have to repeat it again in order for your hearing to become normal again.

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