I have been in a two year relationship with a type II bipolar sufferer. She was diagnosed about a year ago. Her family has not been a string support system, she's dealt with irresponsible psychiatrists, it's been rough. I come here admittingly proclaiming, I'm not perfect, I've had some very selfish moments. I've got that only child, co-dependent, narcissistic, at moments, acceptance. However, I write tonight in great desperation for advice. My partner feels that over the last few years that when it comes to helping her when in need (when she is endlessly complaining about the daily upset, or when she's beyond anxious, or moments of when she's irrational, or so depressed that she can't go on, or needing money, or just someone to hold her when she cries) I'm the best, my love is the best you can get. But in her "normal" moments, which are not often right now, I seem uninterested, not engaging, selfish, unaware, etc. So basically I'm the worlds greatest lover when she's "sick" but opposite when she's not. I do know that I love her, and she is feeling like I'm only in love with the sick her. I see where my ACTIONS show that, but that's not how I feel. Is this normal? It's so exhausting because some days I feel like I'm the only person that keeps her head above water and it takes everything I have. Am I just exhausted? Am I wrong in thinking I love her? Advice? Suggestions?