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I've been going out with this girl for 1 year, at the start she was great but now she's all clingy and I dont get to see my friends cos she wants me at her house 24/7 I've completely lost my life cos of this, she doesn't seem to bother with her friends no more so when I finish work I have to go there straight away until she's going to bed that night , not only that but when I'm at her house I spend the whole time in her living room with her and her annoying mother who has plans of moving in with us when we get married! which I don't know if I want to even date this girl anymore, I can't seem to see any good I'm not in love with her anymore she's taking everything out if me and since with her I've lost interest in my sports and gained 2 stone which I spent ages to lose. I can't seem to break up with her because she's a very depressive person and she will be depressed if I do and her mother and her family will give me grieve for as long as I live, please someone help me with advise 


Be a man. This does sound hard and you will go through a long time of thought but it is what makes you happy, does this girl make you happy, if not and if shes being clingy tell her you need space and you have prioritys, you cannot be pushed over or give a girl all she wants all the time. Man, I was in a relationship where the girl broke it off because tbh I was not happy and she could see it. You have to be happy with yourself and no matter what! The family cannot do anything, its your decision but it sounds to me you need space, if you love her make the attraction come back, you have lost it because she is always around you. Man you have to be strong, i went through a breakup and man its been hard but it makes you stronger.

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