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hi over the weekend my boyfriend slept over my house on a friday. and we have sex that night. then he slept over on saturday and we had sex again that night. and on sunday night around 11ish i went to the bathroom and i bled a little, it was a light pink and some brown. and i went to the bathroom maybe once or twice after that and there was nothing. the next day on monday i went to the bathroom a several times again and only once it happened again but only somewhat heavier then before . and it hasnt happened again since the rest of the night. but i am cramping. and i am also on birth control the Othra Ovra patch. What do you think this could be? i am realllly desporate for answers before i tell my mother or go to a doctor. so if i could please get some help asap i would appreciate it.


and i forgot to mention that we do have unprotected sex becausse i am on birth control and i know that he doesnt have any STDs or anything because he has only had sex with two other girls before me like years ago but protected. and i also have to go pee alot but thats only happened to be today. i didnt have to pee alot yesterday.