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Ok. So I got DRUNK out of my mind the one night and I went into a room with this Guy. He told me he fingered me but it hurt a little bit, but maybe he used 2 fingers ? I don't know. I'm scared we had sex. Im a virgin so I wouldn't know. And plus I was drunk. But as soon as whatever he was doing started to hurt I took it right out? Do you think possibly that he was fingering me with 2 fingers but because my vagina is so tight maybe that's why it hurt? And if we did have unprotected sex what are the chances I'm pregnant? I'm 15 years old.


im sorry you are going thru this.however i think that it is a good chance he was not just fingering sure fire way you can tell is think about the position you two were in.this happened to me once before bc my bf was standing between my legs fingering me adn he had his penis out(only rubbing it)but somehow when he leaned and kissed me he put his penis in. ITS ALWAYS WISE TO TELL YORU PARTNER WHAT YOU EXPECT AND DNT EXPECT BC OF SITUATIONS LIKE THIS.instead of a finger or two you may have had a penis that can make a baby.and precum doesn trequire ejaculation but it can get you pregnant.GOOD LUCK MY SISTER-DALPHY