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Hi im 40 years old and a mother of 5 children and i cannot take anymore im desperate please help me. My partner is so abusive towards me, we split up 2 weeks ago and i was with him 2 years. He is insecure jaelous and uses cocaine and has a drink problem. I have endured 2 years of personal mental abuse and it has made me ill. How do i cope with the letters and texts from him?


my sister you need to realize this man this old ass man is nto worth you losing your children because of. you can love him from a distance you know?him being alive should be enuff 'unconditionallove' for you to get him out of there-he can OD,your kids can find residue,he could black out and kill you and the kids i need to go on?im a little naive too but i know YOUR MATE WILL KILL YOU if you dont leave the scenario your relationsip has become.from my vision all i see is his cracked out nights and all of yoru children at home.please send me a message.IM AAN RECOVERED ADDICT bc my beloved smoked crack and i started.i took my children to live with their father bc i lost control I BECAME AN love to accept a friend reqqqqqqqqqqqquuest if you wanna send me on.thanks dalphy