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Hi! I’m very confused, yesterday I took a pregnancy test and it was positive but I was bleeding a little, this morning I took another one it was positive again. The bleeding got heavier and then when I took another test it was negative. I did some reviews on the 3rd brand of test I took and they didn’t seem like the test was very reliable. I hope someone can help me. I’m not sure if I’m still pregnant or I miscarried.


Hi Hannah,

Some bleeding is normal early in pregnancy.

False positive tests are VERY rare.  False negatives are VERY common.  The test looks for a specific hormone, hcg.  Some tests are just more sensitive than others.

Even if you did miscarry, the test is NOT immediate.  It can take several weeks before that hormone is low enough not to be detected.

You are VERY LIKELY pregnant.

Hope it helps.