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for about a month and a half now, I've been forcing myself to masterbate to women because I think i might be gay. I'm a virgin but have had a gay experience when I was 12 years old. Will I go insane if I keep masterbating to women? I find it easier now to get turned on by one.

Heres a story of my past things that may have resulted to this.

Before pubirty,(11 years) I was attracted to women. After 11 I started to watch gay porn and i got turned on to it so I masterbated to it. However I liked girls in person, well I had crushes on girls in class. When I was 14 I fell in love with a girl, who I am still in love with to date (Im 16 now. pathetic). We went out for about 2 months and broke up. I was devistated, but I noticed that while dating her, I was feeling lust for some guy in class. I would think to my self that hes hot and I would have fantasies of him and start masterbating to him sometimes. This went away after graduation but I can't say I loved himm I could say that I loved her though.

This year, the girl that I loved all of a sudden started to hug me. I felt her breath on my chest and got turned on. I wanted to do some crazy stuff with her in my head. Maybe this means I'm not gay after all but was just curious when I was younger?

Maybe I'm bi. Will having sex with a girl determine this? I've tried anal masterbation and I really did not like the feeling.


Quite a few people will question their sexuality during puberty. Some will determine they are gay. Some will determine they are bi or bi-curious. Some will be straight.

With you having these thoughts during puberty, it sounds like maybe you were bi-curious, however since you had a gay experience, but still question whether you are straight or not, then you could possibly be bi.

I cannot sit here and tell you that you are gay, straight, or bi. I can tell you that if you are still questioning your sexuality, that you could be bi.

Even though you did not like anal masterbation, you could be a giver and not a receiver.

And, also, if you get turned on by gay porn, go ahead and watch it--there's a possibilty that your girlfriend might like it too!!

I hope I've helped. If you have any other questions for me, feel free to post them here!!



your make it way harder than it has to be all you need to do is go with what you like

if you like guys thats fine go enjoy your self
if your interested in guys and girls that means your bi and like both
again thats fine
if you only like girls this is also fine

just go with what makes you happy man lifes to short to worry about what other ppl think


Dear jklhkj5616516
Question; dating her means to...?
There is nothing wrong with how you are feeling, it is how you feel, & there is nothing wrong with that.
Being around with another lady, and enjoying some sexual contact with them, & thinking or having sexual contact with guy, is a now common thing.
You have hormones that are definitely raging, so that is what real is going on with you. Relax about it and enjoy what you are wishing to do, and not what people tell you. Your hormones will set down in a few more years, then that is the time to make your description on your sexual partner, and it may be that you wish to have both sexes or none, and just "hang out" with some "people" and not see them as male or female "but fun to be there with" this was done as a "swinging couple" in the 1960's and still goes on, so you are getting a head start on it!!!! LOL

There is a drawback to this, and STD is one of the problems, and HIV/AIDS is the other, so search engine this topic and do a lot of reading, to make the proper choices that are needed.
So if you wish to continue, all of us are to give an input.


Masturbating is making yourself feel good in a sexual way, rubbing in your vagina area, & breasts, to an orgasm, release of fluids and tension the only wrong way is to be injuring yourself intentional or not knowing you have.


You're straight. You've just eroticized the male body which usually is from not being totally certain about your own masculinity. You're straight because you desire the physical and emotional relationship with a woman. Just know that you have a penis and testicles that work so you're a full participating member of the club of men.


I think you are just young and discovering yourself - I fantasize about women and men - but I have never had sex with a woman, I think about all sorts of weird sex stuff - it doesn't mean I act out all of it - if you find a guy sexy it does not mean your gay, means you are healthy and have fantasy's, same as if you have them about girls... if you think you might be gay, my advice to you, especially how people act about gay people, go to another town or wait til your family goes on vacation and try to have an encounter with a male, if it feels good then maybe you are bisexual, no shame in that - if you decide you are not into guys than there will be no one in your hometown who will ever know... and if you decide you are homosexual take your time choosing someone to be intimate with because at your age kids can be cruel, you may have to wait a few years to have an open homosexual relationship.

A lil advice - never feel ashamed about your sexual needs - masturbation is the one thing YOU can control, for some men as you get older it is the only thing you feel complete control over - the fantasy's in your own head are yours and yours alone unless you choose to share them... and never share the contents of your head with someone you do not trust... a fantasy is something that is yours to control, and you can have it anywhere, anytime, with anyone you please and it does not hurt anyone... so keep having them sweetie and live out the best ones if you have the opportunity : )