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Hello everyone, I'm a 14 years old and want to find a answer for something I've felt for awhile now.
One day in math class, a few months back I had my first panic attack, I've gotten therapy and I find they've very minimal, but since my first panic attack I've felt, out of sync with the world, like im marching to a beat of a different drummer, like the world is going on around me but I'm not really connected with my surroundings, I worry about it constantly during the day, it's running through my mind 95% of the time, I find when I'm distracted and just carry on without thinking about it I feel natural, like I don't notice it. I also find that I feel depression, not a sadness when something doesnt go my way, like I'm always incontent, I think the whole ordeal with my panic attack disorder and anxiety, has my super anxious about something happening to me, which inturn makes me feel like im not intouch with my surroundings.

If anyone has experienced this and would share some info, it would be greatly appreciated,
Thanks Aaron.


Hi Aaron!

What you are describing is what a lot of people with anxiety feel. Have you stopped therapy? I feel like you could work through a lot of the issues you describe by talking it out with a professional. You are pretty you, and I realize that kids your age have so much going on that sometimes it seems very difficult to manage it all emotionally.

Work with your therapist - be TOTALLY open and honest with them so they can help you the way you need. Vent to is what we are here for. It is like a horrible cycle - you are worrying so much about the anxiety that it is increasing the anxiety! Therapy will help you deal with that. Good luck to you buddy. Let us know what we can do to help you work through this!